A one-of-its-kind experience awaits you at Haveli Dharampura.

Step into a time capsule from the Mughal era

Through the architectural beauty and grandeur of Haveli Dharampura. Indulge in comfort, luxury and relaxation with our royal pampering. 

Old Delhi near Haveli Dharampura

The sentinel of Old Delhi

Be transported to olden times as you walk through the cusp-arched gateway to a serene hideaway in the heart of Old Delhi. Rest and rejuvenate in the Indian boutique-style rooms equipped with all modern amenities screened from the brouhaha of the surrounding streets by thick stone walls.

Delight in the sights and sounds of
Old Delhi.

Explore the bazaars lined with colourful shops. Lose yourself in the aromas of mouthwatering food.
Choose from several nearby sightseeing destinations.

The Haveli's Architecture

The Haveli is beautifully decorated with intricate designs of woodwork on the rooftops,
sculptures and Hindu goddesses engraved in stone and steel, antique balconies and jharokas
that open to the chirpy pigeons and busy roads of Chandni Chowk.

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