A UNESCO Awarded Heritage Haveli in Old Delhi

A Gateway to Old Delhi

Step into a time capsule from the Mughal era through the architectural beauty and grandeur of
Haveli Dharampura. Indulge in comfort, luxury and relaxation
with our royal pampering.

Be transported to olden times...

As you walk through the cusp-arched gateway to a serene hideaway in the heart of Old Delhi. Rest and rejuvenate in the Indian boutique-style rooms equipped with all modern amenities screened from the brouhaha of the surrounding streets by thick stone walls.



UNESCO Awarded
Labour of Love

The beautiful Haveli was restored from the brink of dereliction
and was awarded UNESCO’s Asia-Pacific Award for
Cultural Heritage Conservation

Your Stay at Haveli Dharampura

Indulge in a haven of comfort removed from the bustle of the city. Enjoy indelible cultural experiences, grandeur archways and traditional Indian architecture while experiencing royal pampering at Haveli Dharampura.


Heritage Walk in Delhi by Haveli Dharampura


Heritage Walk

Dining at Haveli Dharampura Hotel in Delhi


Dinner Musings

Parties and Events in Haveli Dharampura Hotel in Delhi



Golden Haveli

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” - Rumi

Heeding the timeless wise words of a great poet, we have created the perfect companion for Haveli Dharampura. Golden Haveli is an intimate living space reimagined. Drawing inspirations from its origins and our learnings, Golden Haveli finds the perfect balance inviting you to experience an enduring and enticing heritage made accessible.

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Golden Haveli is just 50 mt. from Haveli Dharampura on the same lane and is a stellar addition to your Old Delhi Experience.

Old Delhi

2293, Gali Guliyan, Dharampura, Delhi-6
Drop off point: Jama Masjid Police Station

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