Dharampura Haveli

Safety & Hygiene

COVID-19 Update.

We hope and pray your family, your friends and you are well and in good health, as we are all
confronted by the threat of COVID 19.

Our Commitment to Cleanliness & Hygiene

At Haveli Dharampura , we have always practised being open and transparent with our guestsand colleagues. Our boutique hotel have always placed the highest emphasis on the safety andwellbeing of our guests with exacting standards of cleanliness and hygiene. With the risksassociated with COVID 19, and in keeping with World Health Organization and Ministry ofTourism guidelines, we have implemented a number of additional measures.

All touch points in public areas like door handles, elevator buttons, counter tops, table tops,railings, etc. are cleaned continuously using a sanitiser/ disinfectant. These practices are also inplace in guest rooms during housekeeping service.

Masks and disposable gloves are being worn by all team members at all times and changedfrequently. Housekeeping staff use fresh gloves for every room they service.

Electrostatic sprayers with professionally identified chemicals are being used to disinfect thehotel entrances, employee entrances, as well as various public areas.

For the safety of our guests, rooms will be sanitised after guests check out.

Restaurants and seating in the lobby have been reconfigured to ensure safe distances aremaintained between guests.

Protocols are in place for staff in the kitchens, restaurants to sanitise their hands every time theyserve food or touch food related items.

Temperature readings of non-resident guests are taken at the entrance of the hotel. Temperaturereadings of resident guests and team members are also taken once a day.

Updated and detailed cleaning checklists, including the use of professionally identified chemicalsand agents for all areas, are being followed and monitored closely.

A guest check-in self-declaration form is in place which covers COVID-19 symptoms. Any guestwho indicates these symptoms is required to undergo a medical examination prior to check-in.

All supplies and materials are sanitised before being admitted into the hotel premises.

If any of the parameters for our guests or colleagues are not normal, a medical examination andmedical assistance are provided immediately.

Correctly formulated hand sanitisers are in place in all guest rooms and at all public spaces andinclude the entrances, lobbies, corridors etc.

To ensure all standards and protocols are adhered to, each hotel has a dedicated Hygiene andSafety Manager.

Our guests have been extremely appreciative of the measures we are taking for their safety.Equally our colleagues have welcomed these initiatives, with none of our team members testingpositive for COVID-19.