About Haveli

About Haveli

A Journey In Time With Dharampura Haveli

Spacious accommodations, friendly service and a paradise-like setting await you at Dharampura Haveli. Set in the heart of Delhi, the dreamily beautiful historic Dharampura Haveli nestles amongst the narrow alleys of Chandni Chowk. Giving you a feeling of a vintage memory lane, the 5’ alley with residences and small shops on both sides, creates a cosy and “away-from-it-all” atmosphere, leading you to the Haveli.

The Haveli dates back to 1887 AD and its stunning design reflects the rich cultural heritage of the Mughal period. The Haveli bears a distinctive style of the late Mughal architecture and is featured in the INTACH listing, an organization aimed at preserving and restoring the important historical buildings in India. Dharampura Haveli has been restored by Rajya Sabha MP, Mr Vijay Goel along with Heritage India, using traditional style of construction for preservation of antiquity and aesthetics.

Today, after over 4 years of constant renovation work, the Dharampura Haveli has again come to life and is waiting to open its magnificent doors to all of you, to take you on a journey to showcase the exclusive culture of Old Delhi.

A wonderful ensemble in the historic core of Old Delhi

The Haveli is beautifully decorated with intricate designs of wood work on the rooftops, sculptures and Hindu goddesses engraved in stone and steel, antique balconies and jharokas that open to the chirpy pigeons and busy roads of Chandni Chowk. A grand multi-foliated arched gateway entrance leads you to the central courtyard. Small kiln-fired bricks called “lakhori“ bricks, red sandstone brackets, floral decorations, motifs, large arched openings with elephants and intricate carvings on the main door, wooden joist flooring and lime concrete flooring – give the Haveli a distinct Mughal architectural look.

Spread over 500 sq. yards, this spectacular building, once consisted of 60 small rooms, which have now been redesigned with modern state of the art furnishings and facilities while maintaining its ancestral look and feel. The Haveli now has 14 huge guest rooms that are aligned along the central courtyard.

There are 2 grand kitchens in the Haveli that promise to serve you authentic Indian cuisine and cater to all your desires. This includes a live barbeque station on the rooftop on weekends and special occasions to mix a little bit of tradition with some fun. To rejuvenate your body and soul, treat yourself to our exclusive massages and allow us to pamper and relieve you of your worries in the spa. Take a look at the handicraft, jewellery and bookshops in the lower ground floor to indulge in some exclusive Indian souvenirs.



The haveli is a significant heritage building, not only due to its distinct architectural features and traditional construction style but also due to the fact that it is part of the wonderful ensemble in the historic core of Capital City. It is listed in the INTACH listing. Although no record is available with any information about the original owner of the Haveli, it can be said that the building was probably constructed by a wealthy resident or a business person of Dharampura area.

Unlike some other havelis of old Delhi, no name is either associated with the Haveli. In the surrounding, there are many residences built in the same period with similar architectural style. There are two important Digambar Jain temples (built in mid 18th century), historic kuchhas and katras in the surroundings within Dharampura locality.

Architecturally, the haveli is a unique example of residential buildings during 19th and 20th C planned around a central courtyard. There is an intricate use of stone brackets, balconies, jharoka, and multi foliated arched gateway and arches, carved sandstone facades, wooden doorways. Moreover, the traditional style of construction with lakhori bricks, wooden joists roofing with lime concrete flooring and use of arches for spanning gives a distinct architectural contribution to the period.


Historical references suggest that the construction of Haveli Dharampura dates to 1887 AD. It was originally designed for residential and commercial purposes. Although no record is available with any...

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Then & Now

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Restoration of Haveli

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Vijay and Siddhant Goel

founder and chairman

Vijay Goel, currently a Rajya Sabha member, earlier represented Chandani Chowk in the Lok Sabha. A multifaceted personality, Goel has been passionately pursuing his interests in preserving the old heritage of the walled city. Apart from his popular achievements in getting the lottery banned nationwide, he has also set up a foundation, the Heritage India Foundation to preserve India’s cultural heritage.

The foundation has not only stressed the need to preserve the ancient monuments but also disseminate information to people about heritage and work to bring about a desirable change in people’s approach towards buildings of great antiquity and aesthetic value. A keen lover of Heritage, Goel has received the Global Excellence award and the prestigious Sur-Sadhna award for his contribution in the field of Culture, Heritage and Development.